78" (2000mm) x .600" (15mm) x 25 ton Fimi Cut to Length Line

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Year 1994-2009
Strip Thickness 3 – 15 mm
Speed Max. 24 m/min
Working Direction: L to R
Complete Line with the Following Components:
Floor Type Coil Car
Double Expandable Mandrel Uncoiler
Edge Control System
Peeler Table
5 Roll Flatener
160 mm Diameter Roll
Crop Shear
Edge Trimmer with Scrap Chopper
Fimi 11 Work Roll Leveler 
Ungerer Precision Leveler
17 Work Roll Design
Levelling Roll Diameter: 80 mm
Exit Conveyor
Stacker with Length Stop Adjustment
Side Stop Adjustment
Stacking Height Max: 400 mm
Stacking Weight Max: 3 t/m
Runout Exit  Conveyor
Electrics 2009
Complete with Electrics, Hydraulics and Controls