8" Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Floor Type Boring Mill

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Inventory #500648 
Model: 70-N8-UF
S/N: 270-21-71
Manufacturer: Gidding


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Inventory #500648 
Model: 70-N8-UF
S/N: 270-21-71
Manufacturer: Giddings & Lewis
Diameter of Spindle: 8"
Travel of Spindle: 60"
Ball Screw Feed: Yes
Longitudinal Travel of Column: 30'
Vertical Travel of Head: 12'
Spindle Speed: 2.65 - 560 RPM
Milling Feeds: .186 To 94.4 IPM
Taper in Spindle: #60 NS
Spindle & Underarm Feed: .7 - 145 IPM / .0013 To .250 IPR
Rapid Traverse to Head, Column, Spindle 140 IPM
Power Draw Bar
3 Ways on Vertical and Horizontal
G&L Numeriread Control
Spindle Underarm Support
Power Clamp To Column, Head
Power Clamp To Spindle & Underarm
Spindle Depth Dial and Pilot Wheel
Hard Ways Column
Hard Ways on Horizontal Ways
Forward and Reversing
Pendant Control
Main Spindle Motor: 100 Horsepower