• Mexico Stamping Plant Liquidation

    "Late Model" Automatic Stamping Lines - Installed 2009220T-660T SEYI Presses; 72'' to 144'' Bed Sizeswith COE Feedlines; 24''-48'' WIDE "Late Model" Gap Presses 2007-2017(3) Automated Transfer Lines110T-330T SEYI & STAMTEC Facility Support Equipment - PaintlineOther Presses - 400T-600T Minster, Verson, and Bliss IN PERSON INSPECTION DATES Inspections by Appointment to begin January 13, 2021 VIRTUAL INSPECTIONS AVAILABLE BY VIDEO UPON REQUEST(734)-727-0605

About Toledo Press Industries

Toledo Press Industries is a Global Sales Company impacting the Metalforming Industry with support from our customers. We specialize in all types of equipment, primarily Stamping Presses and Press Room Equipment.
What we offer:
     1. Machinery Appraisals & ROI - Planning for Expansion and Modernization
     2. Machinery Assets – High Quality Assets for your Global Capital Investments
     3. Turnkey Solutions throughout the world
     4. Stamping Press Equipment Engineering and Technical Support
     5. Liquidation Services for plant shutdown
What makes us different:
We have the Stamping Press technical expertise to not only sell you the press room equipment that best fits your needs, but we can also help you through every step of the process. From planning, to purchasing, to setting up and repairing; Toledo Press has the necessary knowledge and solutions.
USED PRESSES: Toledo Press has an extensive inventory of used presses, both stocked in our warehouse or in other plants all over the globe.
USED AUTOMATION: Toledo Press also has a large inventory of automation to support all of your press room needs.
TURNKEY INSTALLATION: Toledo Press can provide you with turnkey logistics and installation for all the stamping presses and equipment that we sell. This includes New Presses, Used Presses or FULL Plant Re-location.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT (ENGINEERING, SERVICE AND REPAIR): TPI supports the Stamping Industry with technical expertise. We have experts available for service, repair and upgrades of your press room equipment. Even if you don't buy a press from us, call us and our experts will install it for you.
PLANT LIQUIDATION: We have liquidated many plants in the past for our customers while providing timeliness, organization, and high ROI throughout the process.
NEW PRESS AND AUTOMATION: We have experience selling Progressive Presses, Blanking Presses, Transfer Presses, Tandem Press Lines and various Press Automation components.
BUDGETARY PLANNING: TPI can assist your company in planning for the best capital equipment solution and insure a maximum ROI for your Stamping Press Project.