72" x 40,000# Dallas Industries Coil Reel and Powered Straightener



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Wayne, Michigan
United States

Max Weight of Coil 40000 ounces
Max Coil Width Capacity 72 inches
Max Dia. of Coil 72 inches

Equipped With

Coil weight capacity: 40,000 Lb
Stock width capacity: 72"
Stock thickness capacity: .125" x 72" Wide
Stock thickness capacity: .250" x 24" Wide
Expansion range : 20" - 24" (To Be Confirmed)
Coil O.D. capacity: 72"

Dallas Industries Coil Reel and Straightener Combination Equipment and Features:

Dallas Industries Pull Off Coil Reel Uncoiler, Model No.: 40,000 x 72" Wide, Serial No.: 16455
Four leaf mandrel with hydraulic expansion 
Adjustable coil keeper arms 
Air brake mounted on main spindle
Adjustable pull off tensioning 
Threading drive for jog forward and reverse
Clock spring guard

Dallas Industries Traveling Coil Load Car, Model No.: LC 40,000, Serial No.: 16456
Powered lift and travel 

Dallas Industries Powered Coil Straightener Model No.: DPS-4-1/4-7-72, Serial No.: 16457
Entry powered coil straightener pinch rolls with air operated adjustment 
Exit powered coil straightener pinch rolls (manual adjustment)
Seven powered coil straightening rolls x 4.2 inch diameter 
Individual upper powered coil straightener roll adjustments
Adjustable stock width edge guides 
Coil hold down arm with motorized end wheel 
Stock peeler table with spade extension 
Integrated coil end-debender 
Exit cascade loop support rollers 

Dallas Industries Exit Stock Threading Table, Model No.: ETT-72, Serial No.: 16458
Bomb-Bay door design  
Air operated adjustment