400 Ton Komatsu

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SS Press - Under 800 Ton
Inventory #: 500815
Bed Size: 122'' x 61''
Manufacturer: Komatsu


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Inventory #: 500815
Bed Size: 122'' x 61''
Manufacturer: Komatsu
Model: E2G400
Year: 1999
Capacity                                                                    400 ton
Bed Area                                                                   122"x61"
Stroke Length                                                            10.2"
Shut Height (SDAU)                                                  29.5"
Slide Adjustment (powered)                                       6.3"
Strokes Per Minute                                                    30-65
Window Size                                                             62.9"
Equipped With:
Komatsu PLC Press Control
T-Slotted Bolster and Ram
7.5" Bolster Plate
Hydraulic Die Clamping
Safety Light Curtains
60hp Main Motor
42" Floor to Top of Bed
Floor Standing
21' Overall Height
PASCAL Die Change System
CWP Coil Feedline - 60"x.062"x25,000lbs.
    Heavy Duty (4) Roll Servo Feed with Adjustable Passline
    Double Sided Thread Table
    Ultrasonic Loop Control
    Powered Straightener
    Hydraulic Cropping Shear
    Hold-Down Arm with Peeler System
    Powered Uncoiler with Coil Car
CWP Part Stacker & Pallet Transfer System